Friday, November 21, 2008

Yesterday in review

Maggie and I ran errands, enjoyed bread at the bread place, bought a new twin mattress for Max. Came home, napped a sleeping Maggie. My parents came around 1pm. Maggie woke up about an hour later. My dad took a nap, my mom and Maggie and I went and picked Max up from school which is always a treat for him and my mom.
At 5:30, we all piled in a car and headed over to our friend, Lisa's house. She held a bbq in honor of the baby. I think she wants the baby to be as big of a meat eater as Maggie is! lol. We had kielbasa, grilled chicken, 2 kinds of hamburgers (mine was well done of course) a stuffed pork roast or something like that. Steak was also on the menu but it would be a travesty to grill it to well done so I skipped on that. She had great sides as well and we brought the cheesecake. Got to love costco for getting cheesecake. She got her stuff at Whole Foods so you know that was all good. It was such an enjoyable evening that we didn't leave until an hour and a half after the kids bedtime. Sorry kids.... They were having a great time. Max loves making up games and getting adults involved. Lisa has a pool table so there were infinite possibilities of games. Of course, we paid the piper. Max has been getting a dry hacking cough that is worse at night and in the morning. He ended up on the blow up mattress in our room with vicks rub and the vicks dry machine as well as a humidier and cholorseptic spray on his throat around 11:30. Maggie did not follow suit until 4:30. I let her sleep next to me which meant that she was all up in my stuff! Argh with a huge lip before the side of the bed, while I was squashed with a tiny corner of the pillow.

So last night did have one teachable moment that went pretty well. Max jumped off the stairs into our friend, Millie's arms. He hit his toe and it hurt. Krismon was trying to heck I don't know the term. He suggested that if Max finished his cheesecake he would feel better. A few people laughed. Instead of finding it funny, Max thought that they were laughing at him. I saw him feel even worse at that point and we talked a bit so I could ask him how he felt. I gave him empathy but that didn't fulfill his need because he needed to hear from Krismon and to have others understand how he felt. I quickly explained and Krismon went to him to talk to him. It felt good to be able to help him voice his feelings and dispel some of the negativity from the situation. So that was that.

Oh and yesterday was our 9th wedding anniversary too. Though we tend to celebrate our marriage more when we eloped to Vegas. lol

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