Friday, November 14, 2008

The weiner mobile

If I was an Oscar Meyer Weiner... Go ahead hum the song in your head for a few moments. Yes, I did get to see it today. Crazy me, I decided to take the kids and go birthday gift shopping. It was an open air mini mall. We went to a few stores. I had the stroller so I could contain at least one. That worked pretty well until we got to Gymboree. Darn, I knew I should have strapped Maggie down. She is the main culprit of uncooperativeness. hmm guess that is not really a word but you get the point. She was running around while I searched for the perfect gift for this little girl. When it was all said and done, I got it done and we headed off to get an early lunch. Again, I should have strapped her in. I pretty much figured out what I wanted. Max was taking forever to decide and Maggie decided it would be fun to run away from the counter. Already frazzled, I am sure that I was a delight to all patrons and employees at Panera. I kept my voice low and expressed my frustration as simply as possible. Max did make up his mind and got soup and we paid and made our way to where we would sit. I was glad that Maggie did not fight me about the highchair. We ate and shared our food and ate. We packed up, got in the car and started to head home. We were close to Krismon's office.

He called and asked where we were at. I explained where we were, he said get on over and come check out the weiner mobile. We got there a couple minutes later, parked and the kids saw their Papa and ran to him and hugged him and a co worker, Lisa. She was delighted since sometimes they go into their shy modes. We got a couple of photos, they got to go inside. They even got videoed by Brett at Zappos tv. We went in the office for a bit, the kids handed out more hugs before we took Krismon out to lunch.

The kids, obviously, don't really understand the significance of the weiner mobile but it was fun to show them and they did enjoy the ketchup and mustard seats in the car or truck or whatever it really is. And I do have a photos but am lazy. Maybe I will post with just a picture after this so you can all see and believe.


  1. Cool! My kids would have flipped! Too fun.

  2. I saw that once. It was rather shocking, because at the time I did not know there was a weiner mobile. It's big! I hope the kids enjoyed it.