Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I cried, I cried, I cried

I didn't wail and moan but tears did slide out of my eyes. Heck, I am still tearing up today. I do not agree in every way with Obama but I do believe that "YES WE CAN". I, now, know that my children if they desire to be President of the United States have that opportunity. That was part of the hope that he gave me. Even now it is hard to write with tears in my eyes. I feel like now every opportunity is fully available.

This morning, Max actually ended up sleeping in. When he came down, he plopped on the couch to watch tv. He did not get to stay up and watch the results with us. I brought him over the newspaper and said would you like to see a picture of our newly elected president. I set the newspaper down in front of him. He gasped, I asked him to read the headline. He read out loud, "Change is coming to America!" I add the exclamation point because that was how excited he was. He highfived me and then stood up and wanted to high five me again. I know that he doesn't exactly know what all Obama stands for and he supports him in many ways because he is my candidate of choice and because I took him to some of the rallies. I want him to have the next four years or more to really learn about this president and to see how our country works to support him and to support each other.


  1. Obama won AND Max slept late? Sounds like you had a wonderful day.