Saturday, November 1, 2008


I am hopping on the bandwagon and am going to try and post everyday for an entire month. I have a hard time coming up with posts sometimes but I am hoping to overcome writers block on those days by writing anything in desperation. Thanks Gen for writing your post.

I enjoy reading blogs and sometimes I am even good at writing comments so here is hoping that I can make this kind of commitment to the blog and that people will actually read it. lol.....

Anyone else care to join me?

Anyone else ready for Tuesday to come and go, so that hopefully some of the vitriol will die down? I have this dream that in not too many years we will have a system that recognizes more than the two parties that we currently see posting so many negative ads. I would like to see the other parties in our country get a chance to debate on a national level with the dems and the repubs. I would love to feel confident voting for the candidate that I feel best represents me and what I would like to see for my country and my people. Right now, we still seem to be playing this game of fitting a ball into a square hole and we just use brute force to get it through. I did vote for Barack and I feel confident in his abilities and his capacity to govern but.... When I did a little on line test of the issues that are important to me and how I would vote the issues, Ralph Nader came up as my true candidate. I was a little surprised but not really. Did I believe that I could vote for him? no Why not? Because Sarah Palin scares me a lot a lot a lot a lot a lot, well you get the idea. Having two more supreme court justices end up being conservative, scares the holy heck out of me. I believe in choice and I believe that only God has the right to judge if what a woman did or did not do was right or wrong. Just like only God has the right to judge if homosexuality is wrong. I know, I know my high horse. To get back to the subject, I really do hope that in so many number of years that our system can evolve to include more parties and more points of view so that more of us can vote for who we want as opposed to voting against who we don't want which was the case in 2004. Hmm I think I better change my standing to independent after this election is done.


  1. I totally agree with you! Especially about only God having the right to judge people for their actions. Oh and to say Sarah Palin scares me is a bit of an understatement!

  2. I completely agree...this election was very difficult for me--having Obama as my senator, I have no true idea what he has done regarding Illinois other than inspire, which is great, but my head steps in and says, "wait a second, you need to measure more than how you feel." So even as I walked in to the voting place this morning, I didn't know what to do--changed my mind at least 5 times during the process between several parties. I am not a fan of the two party system, and I am an Independent. Join us! ;) And I will never tell who I voted for--never have. :) Like you said--it's between me and God. Nice post!