Sunday, November 16, 2008


Was an especially good day for the kiddos. Max did a decent job focusing at his violin lesson. They both ended up napping a long with Krismon. We had some friends from the Bay Area come over. They are in town for a conference. My kids love their kids and we enjoy getting together. It was pizza and Kung Fu panda time. Well that was after the kids took apart the play room upstairs, nothing like 5 kids and 5 adults together to have a good time in a house.

Even better, today we get to spend much of our time with them again while Michelle goes to conference stuff. Can you imagine 2 toddlers and a preschooler stuck in a hotel room all day? It doesn't paint a pretty picture. Or taking them out into a casino area or even the mall areas? I would go mad and have to be carted away.

So this didn't get done yesterday. I admit while watching Peter Pan, I crashed out. Krismon even took a picture of me asleep on the floor with my head on the floor pillow. Max and M had fun watching. The twins and their dad crashed out on one sofa. Maggie slept in her room. Once everyone was up and moving it was off to the mall and CPK for M's birthday party. There were 8 kids total and then about as many adults. We sat down and ate, then the kids ran around in the mall like crazy pent up kids scaring all the single and childless couples who would get sneers and looks of disgust on their faces as our kids wove in and around them. It was fashion show mall and our kids were doing a good job of walking the runway. lol. We did at one point get them to play duck, duck, duck, duck, duck........ they were pretty young so they weren't wanting to get to the goose anytime soon. And when our party broke up, a sign of relief was audibly heard from the fashionable people who were scared and nervous that the kids would rub something off on them. hehe.

It was great fun seeing our friends and it gave Max a chance to steal kisses which made him happy! Now we just need to plan the wedding.....


  1. were you celebrating Maggie's birthday? Happy birthday! She turned 3, right?

  2. Nope it was the little girl of our friends. She turned 4. I just didn't want to use her name in the post.