Monday, November 3, 2008

Yeah yeah yeah I know

I broke my own intent and on the second day too! All I can say in my defense is that yesterday was not a good day and I was afraid of how my post would sound coming out. It was rough, rough, rough.... Just ask my children and my husband.

Today on the other hand, much much better. In fact, the kids actually let us sleep until 6am and I do believe that Maggie did not come down once. Do I expect this to be the norm yet? No but maybe we can continue working toward complete night independence. I think the kids actually ended up sleeping in Maggie's bed together. Oh course, Max is a convoluted sleeper so he slept the opposite direction. lol.

This morning, Krismon made us all pancakes. The lovely man even made the kids mickey mouse pancakes. He sure is a softy. Then we had the kids second ever dentist appt. Man were they troopers. Max acted like an old pro get films done and his teeth cleaned. Maggie sat nicely holding my hand while getting her teeth cleaned and check. The dentist and hygienists were impressed and happy that they were the first appts of the day. I think it felt like it was a good start to their day. We dropped Max off at school happy as a clam. Maggie and I went home ate a snack, took a break and then headed out shopping. We finished shopping at Costco and got a hot dog. Maggie can eat. After having her half, she wanted to get another one and not eat the fro yo. I love that we went to costco so that I could pick up something for dinner and not even have to think. Ahhh that was nice. She took a good long nap and then soon we will head out to ballet. Then I get Max for about an hour. It should be nice to spend a little time together. So here is hoping that all our good moods last and that we get to enjoy the rest of the day together. I am certainly planning to stay optimistic and enjoy my kids.


  1. I've been trying to comment, but it hasn't been letting me. I really liked you earlier posts, but I can't remember what I wanted to say now.

  2. Well that sucks that they have been having problems with this. I hope it is fixed now.

  3. Glad you are joining the NaBloPoMo! I too am hoping to escape the whole writers block thing. I totally agree about trying to be optimistic and enjoy the kids for the day. Ben doesnt have school so Im hoping the day will be a nice family one..with everyones attitudes in check lol.