Thursday, November 6, 2008

The post that goes no where

Because that is where my mind is today. I feel like a blank slate. I have a thought, think I should go with it and then poof it is gone. The only thing to stay consistent is my desire for soup in a bread bowl. Kind of sad, huh? I think it is because it finally got chilly here and my toes still have yet to warm up. I have been in comfort food mode now for a few days which can not be good nutritionally. Not that that has stopped me.

Tonight we are planning to eat a lovely turkey breast that didn't finish roasting last night until after we ate and pairing that with some mash potatoes and salad. It makes me feel much more midwestern, you know, meat and potatoes. lol.

Okay so maybe I will have more to write later that will go somewhere but as of now. poooooof


  1. There is nothing "sad" about soup in a breadbowl, my friend! ;-)

  2. I hear you on the frozen toes! I swear mine wont thaw out now until April or so.