Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mom and Daughter time

So part of our time together was going to Joanns for crafty supplies. The sculpty clay was on sale and at some point, I am determined to be a crafty mama. Just don't hold your breath, please.... We went and got some and one kit as well. A friend of mine made this excellently crafty xmas tree last year with different ornaments on it for each day leading up to xmas. I so wanted to make it and we had a craft night planned and then I was too tuckered out. It was pretty sucky because she is really truly a talented person. She makes the best baked goods as well. And she is completely underappreciated for that talent since her husband doesn't have a baked sweet tooth. I don't hold it against him but wow I wish that she lived closer so that I could get more of those baked goods. Anyways, I digress. Psst and it isn't only the sweet baked goods that she is fabulous at. Not by a long shot, she makes the best savory stuff as well. Hmm I better email her about this post so she knows that I am truly in awe of her talents. Maybe she will bake me something... Okay I should have left that to myself.

So we go the clay and now what. I better figure out something to do so that it doesn't just dry in a clump of nothingness. Plus I was thinking it would be a great way for the kids to make their gifts for family. So here is hoping that some sort of creative bug climbs up my ahem....

After Joanns, we made our trip to Costco. It is so much nicer going there with just one child. No fights no running opposite directions. We got to go around, giggle, pick up the necessities like milk and fruit and cereal. It went pretty quick and was she happy to get to the end, you betcha! In our family, that means more often than not, hotdog time. I gave her most of the dog since I had had something not too long before that. Then we deviated from the norm and got a churro. Those things are sinful. They are more doughy than donuts and just sooooooo yummy. We even managed to save some for Max. What good women we are!

After that it was off to home and nap time. But I am enjoying this time with her more and more, getting out and talking and giggling and seeing who can out 'I love you' more. Do you know that game? I say, 'Guess what?' and Maggie responds, 'I love you!' It started in the car because I would say both parts and now she beats me to the punchline and then we have to go back and forth and sometimes we say, 'No, I love you' or 'I love you more' or 'I love you too too too.' She just giggles. I know this time will pass and that she will get older and get to a point where she might say the opposite instead so I want to relish this time with her now.


  1. And this is exactly why I haven't completley decided on Michael being an only child. I want to do crafts and shopping with a little girl so badly some times. Thank you for sharing it.

  2. What a nice day! And it's so nice to have that special time with each child, b/c each one is different and the love is unique to each. I think that part of having more than one child is to see how wonderful they are in their own way, and also to watch them grow to have a relationship with one another that is special, too. Joanna--don't be afraid that having more will take away--I think we all fear that when we transition from 1-2, but it doesn't work out that way-it's amazing. :) Oh--and my little boy LOVES baking with me. He is becoming quite the little chef. :)

  3. You are definitely more confident about the baking with your son. I think my husband has been better in that regard involving my son with the baking.

  4. She did make an awesome savory bread with cheese, ham, and olives in the middle for craft night..not to rub it in or anything.

    And yes..churros are yummmmmy! (And I totally agree about Costco being more enjoyable with just one kid in tow.)