Friday, July 11, 2008

Cranky Moms and Good Food what do they have in common?

Well that is easy enough to answer... When you go out and have a great dinner and your tummy is too full you end up sleeping lousy. Then the sleep subjects wake up at an awful hour like say 5am. It, definitely, makes the day a little tougher. Oh heck who am I kidding. Their mom got replaced with the original oscar the grouch. You know the one I am talking about from the 70s and early 80s before we became such a pc society that our kids could no longer have such a grouchy oscar. Well I guess it has become my duty to replace him so that my kids understand that grouchy people really do exist.

On top of that was the teaser that there existed wii fits at best buys close to the home only to call and have them say nope. Ah what a downer to not get my wii fit. The hope hasn't died since there is talk that they may be coming our way on Sunday. That would be so lovely.

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  1. Way to go. Oscar needs to be brought back in his full grouchy form.

    We had great sucess with