Monday, July 7, 2008

Why I hate cleaning days by heidi o.

I hate cleaning days because it involves a lot of explaining, talking loud, talking louder, talking really really loud. "Why do I need to dust the floorboards? I hate dusting the floorboards," so says the Max. "Well, it is something that you can do quickly and easily and you are just the right height," so says I, the mean momma. "Also, you will not be able to watch tv or play on the computer unless you earn the time by cleaning and good behavior." I know, I know, he is just a kid but he takes for granted the tv. Heck, I take it for granted myself. WAHHHHHH..... Hmphf.

I hate cleaning days because they seem to take forever. "Here let me show you again."(Just imagine me taking a swifter duster and dusting the floor boards, easy right?) "Oh, I see, wow that is easy!" Just wait until he had to wipe doors, boards and walls with a wet towel.

I hate cleaning days because I have to clean. It started all over again. I can just imagine in his mind... "Why is my mom so mean and make me wipe the dirty handprint marks off the wall that Maggie and I make. Doesn't she know that we make them with a lot of care?" The house is clean so that is a good result. Slowly but surely the kids will learn to clean with love in their hearts.... um yeah right!

Well the sleep study took a turn for the worse. We put the handle back on the inside of their door. Hopefully, we will not have to backtrack too much. But I will say, the kids went to sleep pretty darn quickly and Maggie slept clear through to morning. Oh course, she would not nap yesterday so that may have had something to do with it...

Tonight's bedtime was not quite so refreshing. We had wailing and wall pounding and door slamming and that was just me! Nah Max carried on like the end of the world had happened. He went to sleep pretty quickly after letting off all his steam, it was Maggie who had the staying power. Where does her energy come from? She is still supposed to be of an age where she sleeps 12-14 hours and that hasn't been happening. And yet she is still smiley with everyone and fighting with her brother. Here is hoping that it is a short phase........


  1. I hate cleaning days too. That's why I just don't do them. Best $80 I'll ever spend.

  2. Wait, what? Cleaning? I've discoverd that dh has a lower tolerance for most mess. If I just wait him out, he takes care of a lot of it. Hey, I do all the cooking, shopping, and key locating...and they aren't even my keys.

    Sleep "norms" drive me crazy.