Tuesday, July 1, 2008

School is fun!

This is what little M said all weekend. She would say it, sign it, giggle about it and was fine until we arrived dun dun dun at the room this morning. She saw this other girl struggling with separation anxiety and her heart just must have gone out to her because as soon as we stepped in the door, she began to cry. I tried to calm her down as I put her lunchbox away and had Big M put her waterstuff and back pack bags away. In the end, I just set her down and hightailed it from the room.

Max, on the other hand, was super duper easy to drop off.

This weekend, Max was inspired to paint for everyone. It is so nice to see him create art and give it to others as gifts. In return, he and Maggie fell in love with doritos at a bbq. Maggie's mouth was caked with the orange. Max would eat a few before getting back into the fray in the pool.

He so loved to shoot people with the water guns and so hated to be squirted back. By the end though, he got used to the spray of water in his face as people jumped in and did canonballs. That was a great day of tiring the kids out.

I think the most amazing thing right now is seeing so many changes in both kids but especially Max. All of a sudden, he is taking charge of his play and the things he wants to do. He doesn't pull everything out and he knows that some toys are for when Maggie is napping. He enjoys that one on one time and so do I. It is just nice to see his attention span grow.

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  1. Typical. It's okay to squirt people with water, but then get annoyed when the favor is returned. I didn't know that behavior showed up so early in the male of the species.

    It's so nice that they are enjoying school, even with the sympathy separation anxiety.