Sunday, July 27, 2008

We are no longer virgins!

Did I stump you? I mean how could I have kids then. Nope, my name is not Mary. But we did go camping for the first time as a family last night up at mt. Charleston. Thank goodness we went with 5 or more other families. The kids had the best time but... of course, there has to be a but. Maggie caught a cold. Her nose was running all sorts of green stuff and she has a tooth coming out. The start of her two year molars. And on top of that was the excitement of something new so she peed through so many pairs of undies and pants, argh.

She was a regular irregular peer yesterday. I think she became the 'ah there she goes again' girl. We even washed out some of her clothes and bbqed them so that if she needed more today, we would have them. Of course, this morning, she played and played in the water until she was thoroughly soaked so there is no knowing if she was just wet with water or...

She was one of the first banished to her tent for sleep. She cried and cried until Krismon went in and laid with her. And then she did not want to be under blankets, she ended up in the sleeping bag with me in the middle of the night with the coldest feet I have ever felt. Can you see the bags under my eyes? And then as soon as the sun came up around 5:30am, they were both up. We were able to kind of keep them quiet until we saw some of our friends emerge. It then became a free for all for my kids to wake just about everyone up. I tried to let the others sleep, really I did. But thank goodness they woke up since our car could not power our percolator. At least, their voices are still sweet and nice as they went around the camp visiting the others.

The food from camping was great. The big plus were the smores last night and the kids getting to roast marshmallows. I don't know who was more excited me or them. It was fun and we survived so hopefully this will be a start.

Now we just have to see if anyone else will want to camp with us..... Any takers?


  1. Oh my goodness I miss you and the kids so much I really wish we could have been there for the camp-out. I bet it was supper fun!

  2. Camping? Sounds like fun. Don't worry, there is always some kid that had to wake everyone up insanely early. It's much better for you when it's your won that does the waking than someone elses.