Tuesday, July 29, 2008

I am off to be a daughter instead of a mom

Later today, I will be flying out to Phoenix to visit my parents. Tomorrow my mom and I set off for a few days of painting, sleeping, hiking, wining(not really a verb but you get the idea) without my kids or my husband. I have been looking forward to the time away to catch up on sleep to relax. I really am looking forward to painting and just exploring some me time and some me and my mom time. I am hoping to come back in a zen state where my children will pick up on my vibe and suddenly become easygoing, laid back kids. Who wants to take bets? lol

I am sure they will have a grand time without me. My mil is here to help out and they are in day school camp this week. I am so thankful that my mil was able to come and help and I am sure this is a relief to my husband.

Last night, Krismon and Max went to toys r us and got Maggie a water table. She is our water baby. She loves to wash her hands, take baths, brush teeth so we are hoping that this is going to give her some good constructive playtime with water. And hopefully keep her a little cooler while she plays outside.

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