Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Wii fit competition is ON!

I think Max is going to end up kicking all our butts. He loves the running though when I put on the ten minute run by the last couple of minutes he was done. By their calculations he had done over 2 miles! It is all in the hips and he loves to move them. He is definitely not a slow and steady wins the race kind of kid. He is forever trying to outrun the guide.

Yoga and strength training in combo is fun and a cool way to get the work out in. We haven't had Max doing any of the strength stuff really but he is pretty gungho to do the the yoga poses. He seems to really like the tree pose and the half moon. I think we all pretty much suck at the balance games. Those suckers are hard. My bubble pops right before the end each time and I have yet to make it down the ski run and go between the arrows of even half I think. The snow boarding one is even harder. I guess hopefully over time I will become better coordinated.

Krismon is the hoola hoop king.

I just did my daily test and I am 4 years younger than my age! YEEEHAAAA I am now younger than Krismon! hehe


  1. Yay, another Wii Fit junkie! I think dh is getting annoyed with me because I have better balance then he does. I love it. I'm glad that Max is able to use it. That's greta that he's doing yoga. And how great it must be to have a machine wear your kid out for you.

  2. We haven't put Reagan on the Wii fit yet. I'll have to try it out. I love the hula hoop myself.