Monday, July 21, 2008

Wetlands Park

Who knew that in the middle to end of July that we would actually be able to go to a park and not die of the heat?! And can you believe this park exists in Las Vegas?

Max, full of suggestions boy, asked if we could go on Sunday morning. So even though it took a bit, we got out the door early and over to the park.

They have been doing construction in the park so this past spring you could not do their whole circular cemented route. That has been completed and has this cool new bridge that I am sure will cross to a whole other part of the park once that gets completed.

I didn't think we would get to see any wildlife out there but Krismon captured a rabbit and a crane on our camera. I was happy to get out with the kids until the flat tire came along from the thorn! argh.

It was at the bridge that we noticed said thorn protruding from the wheel. After which point, Krismon became the driver. (side note- We even did a potty stop for Maggie and she went. It amazes me and I know it does all of you that she has started using public places.)

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  1. Very cool park. I would love to visit it. Not something I would expect to find in Las Vegas.