Monday, July 14, 2008

Why does Monday come so soon?

It is the dreaded day... CLEANING DAY, Pulling teeth day to get my kids to help me get it done day. I think the only good that came was an old U2 song came on the radio to send me back to the time when I was food loose and fancy free. Highschool was not a barrel of laughs but at the same time, I was not caring for children and running a household while building a business. I just had to keep my room clean, help out, work my part time job and go to school. College was just a head of me and I was looking forward to it. Okay enough of that....

The weekend was so jam packed full of activity that I think the kids are just wanting downtime today. The house is almost clean does that count?

I think I overdid my day with cleaning, laundry and costco. But thank goodness for costco, it gave me a chance to tickle and giggle with the kids as we walked the aisles looking at all the goodies. We needed it but I think the last of my energy reserves stayed at Costco instead of coming home with us. Thank goodness it is vege burger night not much to do.

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