Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The sleep study continues

So as the experiment progresses, I am not sure I see the end in sight. I have made discoveries though...

If I ignore them, it will take less time.
This means, if I don't yell and I don't really look at, don't react in any way, it takes some of the wind out of their sails.

If I sit in the room next to little Ms bed, she can't travel.
She loves to get down, open the door, get walked back to her bed and thrown in. Or she likes to get down and climb up to Max's bunk. By sitting on the crib mattress, I can prevent her from doing either which short circuits her fun.

If I sit in there, in the dark, I get a chance to pray for more patience.
This has truly helped me to feel more capable as a parent. I am not saying my patience doesn't take leave of me but it is growing hopefully stronger and stronger. I actually like sitting in the dark, ignoring the kids misbehavior and taking some moments for me.

Now this was last night.... let us see what happens tonight.

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