Friday, July 25, 2008

My Turn

I am looking at my dog, Bubba, at the moment laying on his back paws in the air secure in his doghood. The kids are watching thomas because I couldn't stand the whines and screams any longer. I know, it is my bad momma moment relying on the tv to keep my kids in line. They seem to act so well when the tv is on. Makes you wonder if maybe big brother hasn't already started delivering something through the tv to get our kids to sit in such a stupor.

So this seemed to be my day of lavish self care. I got my eyebrows waxed and dyed. I got my toesys done. They are really red. I thought about work but didn't accomplish much more than a half hearted research on the internet. In stead, shhh don't tell my husband, I got sucked into a book and read it. On top of that, I noshed my way through the day. I know slap the handcuffs on now for wasting my day! It felt pretty glorious given the past week of recent nighttime visits from little Maggie. She is wearing us both down.

Man both kids look super tired. I swear Max is ready to pass out where he is sitting. No more time to sit down and blog. I got to get the dinner show on the road.


  1. I often call for the tv to sit with my kids. LOL. They're just fine watching it and they've learned so many things but when it's time for bed or supper, yeah, attitudes not too good. My eyebrows need waxing and a pedi sounds wonderful. Glad you were able to do something for yourself. :D

  2. I no longer buy into that line of crap that the tv is bad for kids. If it gives me 20 minutes to myself to clean the kitchen or paint my toes, it is instrumental in my abilities as a parent and therefore cannot and will not be considered a bad thing. Besides, it's not like they're watching Jerry Springer or Intervention or something like that, right?