Saturday, July 19, 2008

So I just live in the show

but I am the writer too so I guess I can take time to not only write about the kids but also about myself. My world for the last 4 or more years has revolved around the kids, caring for them, entertaining them, teaching them, doing fun stuff with them and socializing them in a playgroup. I have loved this and enjoyed the time spent with them and the friends that I have made through playgroup as well as in the classes that I have had the kids and I take.

Now I am stepping outside my comfort zone. Over the past year or so, I have taken a coaching course through Coach U. The program has taught me a lot and now I need to use what I have learned. Heck, I was supposed to be using it the entire time I was in classes but intimidated myself out of really pushing myself into getting clients paid or pro bono. It is tough after such an extended period of time away from the paid work force to get out there and not only network but self promote.

Krismon is completely behind me on this venture. Heck, he would love it if I became a self made millionaire and he could stay home with the kids! He is a better cook and we could then hire someone to clean the house. Am I getting ahead of myself? It is great to have someone so close really believe in you and push you to be your best. I think that is something he has always done and I have done that for him.

I do desire to coach others and I know that I can do a good job of it, once I get over myself and just get out there. So if you know anyone who needs coaching, professional, personal, parent, I am the woman for you or them... Just send them to my professional site.
It doesn't look too pretty yet but I am working on it, just like I am trying to wrap my head around this blog and all the nifty things I can do with it, I am trying to figure out all the right things I can add to the site. Heck if you have any ideas send them my way, I am not one to mind some constructive criticism or help.

See I really am trying to do the self promotion...

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