Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wii fit vs Max

And the winner is.... Max. He loves the running and he really loves to outrun his guide. It is pretty hilarious. I think the wii fit is my new best friend because it will help me wear out my child, not sure if Maggie is ready yet for it. Oh and I need to buy a hula hoop so Max can figure out how to spin his hips. He tries really he does and it is pretty funny to watch but the hoop falls after just a few spins. Our hoola hooper in the family is Krismon. He can really move his hips!

The other game Max likes is the ski jump. He doesn't really have it all figured out but he loves to squat and take off. I like it all. It is fun mixing and matching and taking turns. My only complaint is the switching of players seems to take forever. I wish that part were faster so that when you are exercising together that you can just jump in kind of like how our computer has different log ins and it is easy to switch between the log ins.

It is nice to have something that the whole family can essentially do together and be active in some way short of being outside in the heat or as has been the case this past week, lightening and a little rain.

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