Monday, July 28, 2008

sophisticated and then there is me

I doubt I would win the sophisticated of the year award. I show heart and heck I love to dress up but I feel like a pretender to the throne when I am at a shindig. I think it comes from being home so often with munchkins whose idea of a conversation is to detail what they ate at the table and what they did in the bathroom. Well okay so Max is past that point and we can have some interesting conversations but it is not the same as if I had continued to work and socialize more.

I have a feeling though that some of it stems from being the youngest in the family and wanting to always be more mature so that my sisters would like and play with me. Okay, I know that sounds pretty darn silly but I am sure there is a hint of truth in that.

Last night was the company party at Rain at the Palms. It was fun to get dressed up and look nice. And this was the first time that we got a room so that we could stay out and wake up when we wanted to vs when our kids decide to wake us up. I enjoyed seeing the people I know but there were a heck of a lot of people I don't know and I am sure because of the sheer volume of people moving around that I missed seeing some of the people I do know as well.

So it is cool to see these clubs in Vegas that I wouldn't pay to go to but I am really turning into an old fart when I would rather be able to talk to people than have my eardrums blown out by the sound of the music. Thank goodness they opened the pool area up for the party so that we could sit in the cabanas and talk a little easier. The music was still loud but not ear splitting. Even given that we had a room by 11:30pm, I was pretty well petered out. I think we were both running on almost empty after having had little to no sleep the night before.

I will tell you all that the rooms at palms place are NICE! We really enjoyed staying and I wish we could have stayed more than 1 night there. It was a great way to get some much needed rest and a joy to wake up on our own.

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