Saturday, February 6, 2010

Exercise bands

Yes this is a loose tie. But I need to reach today. Saturdays are pretty long, today is no different except you get to throw in rain as well.

This morning started early with Harry waking around 5:15. I could hear Max as I came up the steps (Oh and did I mention that Max is having his teacher call him Thomas at school... Asserting independence much) I got Harry to feed him and hopefully put him back to sleep for another hour but that was not to be. Max flings open the door and goes to the bathroom to do his bizness and then goes back to his room leaving the door open. Do you see where this leads? Of course, Maggie is awake at this point and they are whispering rather loudly. YEAH so much fun. Maggie comes out after some time and empties her pot as well. For this, Max got to stay upstairs til 6:30 but since he woke Maggie she came down at 6am. I just wish that they would actually sleep until 6.

The morning was a blur except that Maggie was half naked until it was time to get ready for ballet. I tried hard to do the 30 day shred but the darn dvd doesn't seem to want me to exercise. I am about to give up on it because it is a pain and just do the other workouts. I digress.
Maggie 9am ballet and tap
Maggie 10am violin
Max 11am orchestra (we can leave him there thankfully for that hour)
Max 1:30 violin
And then we had exercise time.

Yes those are the ties. We needed to use exercise bands to do the work out. Those are ties, loosey goosey ties but ties. lol

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