Wednesday, February 17, 2010

When sick is just not sick enough

So my oldest and first creation has way too much energy. At the moment, he is playing with a leapfrog toy that he got when he was a baby that if you push the letter it plays a song. Well he is going through the alphabet and got stuck on 'Yankee Doodle Dandy' and he insists it is a scottish song that he must dance with only his feet while his hands remain in his pockets. He just tires me out looking at him. Yes he amuses Harry and really it is funny so why am I not as amused? I think maybe the fact that he is too old for naps and I haven't had any down time until they go to bed has gotten my goat for lack of a better phrase. "Some scottish people fall down on their knees." Really I can't write this. I should be videotaping it as well but that is too techno for me. lol. Okay actually I am just too lazy.

I love him but he is even higher energy than Maggie and can you imagine what a holy terror they are when they both are in high energy mode? Oh my goodness gracious.

I am really hoping that the doctor doesn't find anything beyond a cold so that he can get back to school.

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