Saturday, February 20, 2010

Starting to turn the corner

We have had a few days of antibiotics now intertwined with tylenol and motrin. And a few breathing treatments. He slept better last night. He only woke once, thank goodness. I am glad because that means he got more rest. I didn't hear him coughing all night.

Max went to the ENT doctor yesterday. He then said that Max needs to see the allergist but that he wanted to check his adenoids. He said his sinuses are fine ugh. So that means Max is taking antibiotics for no reason but can't stop because that could cause other problems. So now he is taking two other medicines on top of the antibiotics but those medicines will really begin to help in a few weeks time. I really hope they help though. I would like for him to not cough so much or have allergy eyes.

On a side note, Maggie, Juno and I walked to ballet class and Maggie was looking around. She said " I wish the world was clean. It's so dirty. I want to be a dentist when I grow up." "Is that so you can make people's mouths clean?" "Yes" She wants to do her part. lol

Today I went to Max's orchestra practice with my mom. I haven't been to a practice before so it was nice to see what he is up to. I got to be the metronome for one of the songs which was cool, but talk about pressure to make sure that you are doing the rhythm right. I would have hated to have gotten the evil eye from Miss Berns. lol

This evening, I get to meet some other May 2006 Moms for a drink. I will let you know how it goes. I am excited because one lives here and we have just never met and the other is in town for a disc golf tournament. It should be fun and I will take photos to actually add to the blog tomorrow. Stay Tuned....

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