Sunday, February 14, 2010

Vegas restaurants

So last night, we went to the Tillerman which is practically around the corner from us. It is probably at most a 20 minute walk from our house depending on the lights. It is an old school Vegas establishment. Our waiter has worked there for 10 years. I enjoyed the salad bar that they brought to our table on a lazy susan and the sea scallops with mushroom and truffle risotto. The scallops were fantastic and I just enjoyed getting to sit there without saying ' Max, I mean Maggie, no Harry, stop , sit up straight, please eat, no you may not be excused to get more water' We didn't have that, we got to sit in silence and chat as we felt like it.

Afterwards, we went to Alize at the Palms to meet some old family friends of mine. They were sitting down to eat after 8 which my digestion can not take with my kids getting up at the buttcrack of dawn. We did sit down and I had my coffee and dessert while Krismon partook of a beer or two. It was enjoyable to catch up as I have not seen them in years and we all have kids now. Their food looked fantastic and it may just be another place that I need to go for a full dinner sometime. It was very french classy and I do believe I caught the waiter sneering a few times. lol!  But this is Vegas so what can you expect?

If you are coming to Vegas, please let me know a head of time blogosphere peeps. I have plenty of places that I truly enjoy going to in various price ranges as well as enjoying throwing a mean bbq.  The reason this all came to mind is that we spoke about the restaurants here in town and the ones we have enjoyed eating at since we moved here. There are plenty that offer great food at a reasonable price as well as great food at fairly huge prices.


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  2. Hey girl I work at Alize now! Valentine's weekend was NOT a good time to go there LOL! What did you have for dessert?