Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Max and Maggie's room

So we had monster bunnies move into their room on their curtains a few weeks ago. This made it very difficult for Maggie to sleep because those bunnies were scaring the crap out of her. We made a monster bunny spray but it just didn't last. I made an executive decision that the monster bunny curtains had to go. We went to Target and found some sheer pink curtains with fuzzy pink polka dots. Slowly but surely we adding in some of Maggie's needs into the room. The room up until this point has been blue with some brown and yellow. It was neutral trending towards boy. Well now that Maggie is 3 and all kinds of girly girl, it had to happen.

We have been trying to reorganize and get rid of stuff, luckily we came across the stamps that we had originally used on Max's room in CA. So now she has pink stamps on her wall and I need to stamp purple and then I want to paint some hearts as well. Thank goodness Max is secure in his masculinity. lol. Just kidding the kid has no problem with pink and purple so it should hopefully end up well. Maybe once it is done I will add pictures of the finished product.

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