Thursday, February 25, 2010


So this is my hijack. Generally I write about the kids or about my feelings and it surrounds the kids or family. This time it is about me. So I am trying to be a runner. I was never a runner until I started to train for a triathlon. Of course, while training the tri, I got pregnant. I was in good shape. After Max, I ran on the treadmill but wasn't that great at running so much as walking. After Maggie, I decided to do the half marathon. I was supposedly training for it. When it came down to the day, my friend and I ended up treating it as a chance to be away from kids and just chat. I feel like now has more purpose. Partly due to the 500 in 2010. Thanks ladies for creating that challenge. Partly due to our Junebug, Juno. He needs the exercise and I need to work my way up to running him once a day in the morning. That's not a commitment that I am ready to make. And I am hoping that summer doesn't derail me. I would like to get out there despite the heat and run in the mornings.

Okay now back to the subject at hand. Wow am I good at getting off the topic. I would love to know what people's playlists are, how do you make them? Do you have different playlists depending on how long you run? How does that work? I know that soon I am going to need added motivation to stay out there. And do any of you listen to podcasts instead of music? So those are my questions and I am hoping that some of you can shed light on it for me.


  1. I am planning to post mine on my "super secret" blog as soon as I have time!

    I know there was a post on 500 in 2010 early on with this topic. Joanna has also addressed it on her blog.

  2. I really can't imagine how people run without music. I need my playlist, and I'm always tweaking it to find songs with the EXACT right beats per minute to keep up my pace. Other songs motivate me with the lyrics (i.e. Kanye West saying "That which does not kill me makes me stronger"). When I get home tonight I'll send you my favorites on FB...

  3. Ditto Desi. I am constantly tweaking my playlist to find just the right song for where I am on my walk/run - the perfect warm up song (MGMT - Kids), the perfect building up song (Carolina Liar - I am not over), the perfect hitting my stride song (What I am - Band of Skulls), hitting my wall song (Mr. Brightside - The Killers), my its almost over song, (Stronger Kayne West) and the perfect cool down song (Spiraling by Keane). then of course sometimes you get bored with songs, while others I will never tire of.

    I could do podcasts for walking but not for running. I need my more motivation from that.

  4. I am digging Ke$sha right now for running, she has the perfect pick me up beat. Also the Glee soundtrack, anything Black Eyed Peas and Kanye really get me through hard runs.