Sunday, February 21, 2010

Last night's Meet Up

It felt like it wouldn't happen.  I was even asked if I was stood up. I got plenty of looks. Thank goodness I had my smart phone to keep me company. And twitter and facebook and the news.

I should have realized it would be better to just meet downtown. That was my bad. But it was great once Rita, Adam and Desiree got there. It was a fun place to sit, drink a little wine, nosh a bit, listen to some jazz and talk. I didn't realize that they had met once before in San Diego so that was cool to hear. And I know that I am definitely going to make an effort  to meet people if I am in their neighborhood. It is cool to have this 'Motherhood' spanning our nation and even into Canada. How awesome is it that we all have kids born the same month going through similar developments at the same time. We each interpret these events differently and that is so helpful to have the perspective.

For 3 years, Desiree and I have lived here and yet not met. Crazy right? I think seeing the pictures from NY and the excitement of everyone coming here in the fall has pushed me to make real connections beyond the virtual world. Desiree is just like I thought she would be. She is nice, funny and smart. Rita definitely lives up to the descriptions from the New York trip. She is gregarious, warm, fun to talk to and has tons of energy. Her husband was definitely kind to come along since he kind of got the shaft most of the night. lol.

Rita and family are coming back sometime in March and should be located by me. I can't wait. I think there is a bbq somewhere in the future with them.  And then hopefully a few playdates and maybe even another drink out. Oh I am giddy just thinking about it. Yeah I know that was pretty stupid sounding. Oh well.

Really who knew when I joined the birth board on Babycenter that I would meet such warm, caring, cool and funny ladies that I would want to keep up with. I am just glad I did.

PS do you like the photo behind or what? 


  1. I'm so glad you all had a nice time. I have not met any May mommies yet. I really hope I get to some day. I don't think I will be able to make it to Vegas this year, unfortunately......Maybe I can eventually hop on a plane by myself and go somewhere. Being a nursing mommy, that is just not feasible this year. But in the meantime, I so enjoy reading about all the awesome meet-ups!

  2. Mel that is me at the moment so I totally understand.

  3. I had a great time last night, too! I felt so bad about you feeling like you were stood up. I forget how long it takes to get anywhere in Vegas sometimes. It is sad that we've lived in the same town this whole time and never met until last night.

    I really needed to get out last night. It is hard to travel when you're nursing a little one so even a few hours away is huge.