Friday, February 26, 2010

Post Office and confession

Yesterday was Max's class fieldtrip to the post office. Never having seen the inner workings of a post office, I was quite excited to volunteer to drive and herd. I had one boy in the car with my 3. I strapped Harry into his Beco Butterfly and we went on in. The kids got to send letters they had written at school. The post master gave them a stamp, they got the post office stamp on it and then they got to take it in back to where the outgoing post goes. We got to see how they divide up the mail and meet the people that work in the facility as well as the postal carrier who delivers to their school. He helped with the tour.  One gentleman, at the end of the tour, said a couple of times 'Go to college'. Hmm I take it he is not as big a fan of his job.... Anyways I actually have a few pictures this time, just not from my phone.
This was one mom and I trying to get our few to behave before the rest showed up.

Okay so I don't know if you can tell but let me set it up. This is on the loading dock in back. Max and Maggie had been standing against a wall. Maggie had gone up to Max and hugged him. He hugged her back and they kept an arm around each other and walked around that way for a bit. I tried to get a good photo of both the hug but it was hard with my shorties.  It was really darn sweet.

This was Maggie after she enjoyed eating these awesome skinny bagels with peanut butter and nutella. She thought she was pretty funny.
Okay last but not least. We had to go pick Max up from school. He had a fever of 103+. It was worrisome but no stomach ache thankfully. By the time, he went to bed it was around 100 so I gave him motrin after he had had tylenol earlier in the day. Okay confession time. A sick child like this makes the day easier. There I said it. Krismon had an offsite all day yesterday and I wasn't look forward to my whirlwinds, whirling their way through the day. The worry tired me out but not as much as them full energy would have. Anyways there it is, as I hang my head in shame (well not really).

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