Thursday, February 18, 2010

Infection from hockey sticks (in honor of the olympics)

The nurse at the office warned me over the phone last week that Max would probably need another round of antibiotics but did I listen? I guess I didn't understand the severity of what the xrays showed. What does this mean? Well last friday, Max started to cough more and differently. I just figured it was more cold than anything. Heck maybe it was or maybe the infection just hadn't gone away. So we tried to just get him to rest and do some breathing treatments to help his cough and take some benedryl at night to calm his cough. Well guess who else ended up with a cold and fever? Harry.  Maggie wishes, my little hypochondriac. lol

Yesterday I decided that the boys needed to see the doctor just to make sure it was RSV. Luckily it wasn't. Max got his prescription again and this friday he goes to see the ent. Harry has an ear infection and gets his own antibiotics. This is one time that I really hope the medicine will get rid of infection so we can go back to having a healthy household.

And while we were heading to the doctor's office, we passed my parents coming to our house. They are here to visit until Monday. It's nice break in routine for us to have them here. And I am hoping it means I can catch a nap today and possibly exercise. Someone scared Maggie about her curtains in her room and so now she is difficult. Yesterday, she didn't nap. She missed Krismon because he had a dinner last night. She got out of bed and caused disturbance and mayhem. She wouldn't go to sleep until Krismon came home and even then she opened the door to her room and left it open all night so as soon as my Dad woke up, she was up for the day. Harry was just having a tough night. He was up every few hours. But I know from past experience that my going to him does him no favors. Though tonight I will make some different  choices like use the vicks thing again in his room so he can breathe easier. I just hope that the medicine will help calm some of those troubles so he can get more rest.


  1. My sympathies. I hope the kids start to improve quickly and that you can all rest a little better.

  2. I hope your household feels better soon! I know it is rough to have a sick kid (and rougher to have sick kids).