Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Organizing is painful

Confession time. So I have been rearranging the house trying to get everything to fit. That really means figuring out how to get all our beds set up and be in use. Well I did manage that. We put the day bed and trundle in the loft with the idea in mind that it would be good for sleepovers. That is if the kids ever get to have them. So many variables seem to keep me from wanting to have one. At this point though it is mainly Harry who is still waking up once a night to eat. Now I know that he probably doesn't need to but I have a hard time ignoring the cries. You are probably wondering where does the confession fit into this. Well here goes.... I have been asking Krismon to go through his hoozits and whatzits and whatnots all of the electrical or computer nature and get rid of what he doesn't use and organize the rest. This is a long uphill battle because he doesn't exactly want to do it. I think he just likes to keep stuff, not only in case but ah heck who knows why... So here goes. I really really need to go through more of my boxes and pair things down as well. I am more than fairly good about getting rid of clothes to charity but things from childhood through college... Not so good.  Yes I need to pull these things out of the closets and be more brutal. Some I want to keep for the kids other stuff I just need to let go. I realized this as  I was in fact going through some boxes and throwing stuff away. And what I don't throw away I need to better organize so if I want to look at it, I can without having to go through ten boxes to find it.  Anyways, shhh don't tell Krismon because then he may ask me if I have done everything I need to do. And really I am working on it.

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