Thursday, April 8, 2010


No revelation just jubilation or celebration. Yesterday was a better day for ME. Not for Max. Poor kid was on the edge of melt down most of the afternoon. I should have seen it. He kept feeling that Maggie was harming him both physically and emotionally (you know the little things.) The GLEE cast was on Oprah yesterday and Maggie and I were watching it before picking up Max. Once we got home, she headed up stairs for some alone time. Max came and watched the rest of the show with me and then the musical numbers. This ended up going on to watching it online. And then I needed to youtube so he could see the GREAT Freddie Mercury. During all this Maggie came down and that is when their troubles started. Once we had done enough watching and listening, I switched on Pandora so we could listen to the Queen channel I created so I could make dinner while they worked on school projects. This again caused troubles. Maggie needs to do a solar system for her project. I had printed out some pictures of the planets and the way the solar system is set up. Max was trying to help and Maggie wasn't having any of it. Yes, she can be a bit stubborn still not as bad as Max. In the end, I had to say, it is your project and if you don't want help then we won't help you at all.
I told Max to just walk away and work on his project, Mercury. He is excited but still learning this whole going through drafts before creating the final project.
His final meltdown occurred around putting his stuff away so we could get the table ready for dinner and eat. Maggie did as asked but Max kept on and not answering me as well. I finally put his stuff away and put him in time out. I know 'mean mama' for making him stop doing his homework.  The problem was that to get through the end of the day is a delicate dance. Max was me from the day before just done in. It wasn't pretty. Luckily he got to eat with Harry, who ate and ate and ate. That boy really enjoyed the shepherds pie that I made. Max and I talked about strategies for dealing better with our anger so we don't take it out on others.
Thankfully that was the end of any struggles and we got through the rest of the night okay. Juno got fed, Harry went to bed, Maggie and I read some 'Curious George'. Max read his 'Wind in the Willows' and 'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' and then we read 'Harry Potter'. And again I crashed early.
This morning started at 6am for the most part. Yes there was a feeding and a dog being let out and in but Maggie did not come down until 6. phew.... We ate a french toast casserole for breakfast. It was pretty darn yummy and worth the wait.

If you don't have pandora. You should know it is good, really good. I really enjoyed listening to the Queen channel and hearing the Beatles, Led Zeppelin, etc. Maggie kept going over and booging down in front of the tv because it is almost as good as a mirror.


  1. Not "mean mama"...we just have to enforce our requests sometimes to reiterate that yes, mama is in control of the situation. I think you handled it just fine.

    How about sharing your shepherd's pie and french toast casserole recipes? :)

  2. Glad the day started a little better for you!

  3. I agree I could use a french toast casserole recipe!

    I hate feeling like mean mama but how else will they learn? The other day we were at Walmart (aka Tantrum Central) and J started flipping out while we were checking out about wanting some M&M's (why I don't know, he NEVER gets candy when we're in line at the store). I was trying to hurry and get out of there b/c people were looking at us and the guy behind me said, "Come on, mom, just give it to him." Um, NO. Then he'll just think he can throw a fit every time he wants something. But of course it would have been lovely to give in just so he would stop embarassing me LOL.