Thursday, April 29, 2010

Graduate School

Yesterday was the Fall Orientation for the Counselor Education program. It was definitely a bit intimidating to go. It was at the Student Union, yeah, anyway to feel any older? I sat down at an empty table which filled with 3 other women. The one who sat to my left and I started to chat. It was a small world moment. She is from the Philippines and just moved her a year ago. Her kids are high school and college aged. She had been a high school counselor there but was unable to do it here so she decided to go back to school. She is doing the mental health counseling program. It was nice to talk about Krismon's home and enjoy getting to know someone new.

When they got started, we did an ice breaker. Get to know someone at the table without asking questions. It was incredible tough because it means, just share and share and share and then hope that the other person is willing to share and share and share. I think one of the best things I learned from my partner is that she has had her turtle since 3rd grade and it is named

After that they started their presentation. I came away with the idea that it is a good to great program. I like that they clarified that what comes first is counseling and then comes the speciality. But on top of that they kind of scared me that it can't be done in two years.

I think what I really liked was how well the program seems to be run. The professors have been there a while and they have coordinators for their internships and things. Ahhh  That excites me that I don't have to go out and try and find everything myself.

Now I just need to make sure they are okay with our trip to the Philippines....


  1. I am so excited for you. I am really, really considering starting my graduate school program next year for school counseling so I am very eager to follow your journey. Email me anytime!