Thursday, April 22, 2010

Chuckie Cheese

Where a kid can be a kid and a baby will try to put anything on the floor in his mouth....

We met the kid's violin teacher and her son for a playdate at the mouse's house after school. I kept it a surprise because I thought it would make the excitement even better. The kids were thrilled and it was nice to get to know their teacher on a personal level while the kids played. It wasn't super busy. They had a great time and it was fun to see them play independently and not need me while I chased Harry around. Harry was in heaven as well. The toddler games aren't too big so he could stand and look at them and touch. He got to sit in a car with Maggie and ride and get a picture at the end. It was a bit exhausting to make sure he didn't put thing in his mouth but I know he enjoyed the exploration. And then the kids got have cheese pizza. Harry ate almost two slices on his own. Max would come over shove as much pizza in his mouth as humanly possible and then take off again to do more. I think he ate one slice in two bites that way. lol.

I went out with a friend last night for one last dinner before she moves. We went to my favorite thai place. Unfortunately, somehow we got two soups (I asked the server to order for me.) Someone else brought out the soup but by the time she realized the mistake we had taken some of each. I think the heat on the one I had was hotter than the other so then she made everything really mild after that. ugh. But regardless it was good and nice to chat without kids for a few hours. And get her away from her house which was being packed.

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