Monday, April 12, 2010

Lists, lists, lists

I don't have one but I need to make one. One of my blog friends just did Mondo Beyondo. She created a list of all the wonderful things she wants to do.

And another blogger I am getting to know just created a 30 things in 30 days before she turns 30 (which is in less than 30 days.)

I haven't ever really created that bucket list or even just a huge year list. Sometimes I am purposeful but too often I let life flow around me and just move with the currents. I think it is time to start making currents instead of just moving with them.  Around that notion, I have made some changes. So, yes, I do have a few items on my list.

(Must take a moment... I am watching Friday's Oprah. She has the guys from the 'Buried Life'. It's all about what you want to do before you die. These guys are great. They have done some amazing things. Now I must watch this show because it looks so life affirming.)

I have two things on my list that I have started in on. I was going to make it a this year list but I have dreams that will go beyond this year.

1. Apply to grad school. check.
2. (on that note) Get into grad school. check.
3. Join and complete the 500 in 2010 challenge. (I am working on this one.)
4. Keep working on my list.
5. Go to Germany for my sister, Nadja's wedding.
6. Go to the Philippines for my grandfather in law's 90th birthday and introduce him to Harry.
7. Run the Las Vegas half marathon.
8. Do the olympic distance tri at Wildflower. then do the half at Wildflower.
9. Run a marathon.
10. Go to Yellowstone with the kids to see Old Faithful.
11. Go to the 'French Laundry.' (without kids.)

Okay must put more thought into it.

and ladies who I have covertly mentioned if you don't mind my putting in links I will next time but would like permission first. So if you see this and are okay with it, let me know. Thanks


  1. Good luck! Whenever I make lists on my blog or extended commitments my life explodes and I can't ever seem to finish them.

  2. I would love to go to Yellowstone someday. The 500 miles in 2010 is on the top of my list, too! :o)-