Tuesday, April 27, 2010

TV and stuff

The root of my evil or actually Max's evil. Who would think that letting your child watch some tv and then asking him to do something would bring out the worst in him. I am slowly figuring out this parenting thing.  At least, yesterday we were able to figure out a way to stop his meltdown, get some food in his belly and get a violin in his hands.

Oh and did I mention that we were gone all weekend to visit my family in Phoenix. Sunday morning, my nephew, Joshua, had his dedication. It was a nice service. The kids had a great time at Sunday school. The kids were over the moon at getting to have time to spend with Joshua.

We got back yesterday to our hot water heater kaput and leaking in our garage. Thank goodness the plumbers could come and replace it yesterday for us. It wasn't exactly the sort of thing I wanted to come home to.


  1. Ugh, not the homecoming you were expecting is it?

  2. I'm so glad you all could be there for Joshua's dedication! He had fun playing with his cousins too!