Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Parenting Fail

Yes that is me. I wasn't going to write about yesterday. Heck I want to pretend like it never happened. No really yesterday was just.... Horrible.

The day started off with a bang at 4:30 am, Harry is teething and has been waking up at crazy hours. Max woke up at 5am because he wet his bed. So he woke up his sister to take the mattress off his bed so he could strip it and himself. I came up to find them under his bed kicking the frame. Now maybe if it was 7am, I would have giggled right along with them but at 5 and not feeling outstanding, I saw red. And that was pretty much the whole day. It's tough, I don't know how to get them to understand that not only are they denying their bodies the rest they need but also they deny others.
We took Juno for a walk because he has been protesting this whole arrangement.  He misses his runs and a mile or two just doesn't seem to cut it. I think the walks are tough on me because I have Harry in the holder, Juno strapped to the waist pulling me and then me ending up pulling Maggie.
I figured that once the kids are in school that it would give me enough of a break so that I could recup. It didn't happen. I just tried to do too much. We picked up Max from school and went to meet friends at a park to go for a walk. I think next time I need to choose a cross between park. You know where we can walk but also where the kids can play on toys too.
We got home late. Dinner wasn't the masterpiece that I was expecting to make because we ran out of time to make the potatoes I wanted to bake. Oh well. And did I mention that Juno got into the trash and I have coffee grounds in the carpet that I still need to try and vacuum up but I probably need to shampoo the carpets because the grounds were still wet. ugh. And and and I ended up on the floor just crying because all I wanted to do was get Harry to bed, have the dishes done and then get the other two to bed.
Max and Maggie took care of me. They loved on me. Thank goodness for their love and help.

Last night, I wrote in my journal. I don't do that often enough probably because I tend to be too open on here. And I felt better well no but at least I got it down. And I went to sleep even earlier than usual. It wasn't an easy night. Maggie came down at 10:30. I took her back up. Max came down at 2:30. He said he had nightmares, I let him sleep in bed with me. At 4:00, Harry started making noise until I went up around 4:45. Around 5:15, I heard Maggie and figured I would try and keep her upstairs so I decided I would bunk in Max's bed to try and rest a little longer. It kind of worked. Maggie ended up on the bunk with me and I didn't get anymore sleep but some rest....
The walking of the dog was a little rough towards the end. The getting off to school again was rough.

The kids have a school project that they need to work on so I am hoping that today after school we can have a good time. Maggie needs to make, draw, create the solar system. Max is learning about Mercury. I am hoping we can enjoy productivity. And they want to help me make dinner so there is another chance for us to help one another.

Please wish me luck on the rest of the day.  And any suggestions on how to get a better start to the day. What are your morning routines?


  1. Sorry you had such a rotten day yesterday. We struggled with Cooper being such an early riser-- he would be in our room super early and wide awake. We finally had to install a digital clock and tell him that he was not to get out of bed until the clock said 6:00. If he needed to get up to go potty, he could do it on his own (there's a bathroom across the hall from his room). This still isn't 100% foolproof, but knowing that the majority of the days he will be in bed until 6:00 is a good thing. Somehow starting the morning before that seems to throw everything off for the whole day. I am worried about having a newborn around and how that will affect Cooper's sleep, but I guess we'll get to that step when it happens. Hopefully she's a better sleeper than he is.

  2. Awww I hope today is much better! (((hugs)))

  3. So sorry your day was so yucky! The lack of sleep makes my rope a lot shorter, too. You just do what you can do, ya know? Hang in there. This too shall pass.

  4. Yeah, whenever my morning sucks, I know the rest of the day will follow right behind it. Sorry it was so rough :( Hopefully you'll have a good day to make up for it.

  5. I find that when I don't shower first thing in the morning, that makes the rest of the day rough. Last week was spring break so we got off our schedule a bit. Hoping to get back on this week for the final 6 weeks of school. Then it will be summer!

    So glad that I don't really have early risers. Katie woke up at 6 today but I nursed her and she went back down until 8:15 in bed with us.