Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Red Robbin yum!

I was in a burger mood yesterday so we decided to meet up at Red Robbin for dinner. It was probably the most calorie dense meal I have had in a while. I loved the burger I got but it didn't love me back last night. Not only did I have that beyond full feeling before going to sleep but it dragged me down. I haven't been feeling fantastic because I think some of the cold stuff has finally hit me a bit. This morning I was going to run 5-6 miles. It just didn't happen. I think my sinuses are just not enjoying the spring time right now. Here is hoping that I feel better tomorrow so that I can run, run, run like the wind.

I hope that this getting out there and running will last and have a lasting effect on the kids. I want them to realize how important it is to get out there and be active. I am, also, careful not to talk about dieting. That was something that I saw my Mom and sisters do ALL THE TIME growing up. I want my kids to have a healthy relationship with food. Yes I gave up things for lent but I think that is helpful. I have been trying to stock the house with healthy foods. The only big change that we need to make is for both Krismon and I to eat more slowly. We seem to eat late, just because of the kids bedtimes does it seem late so we are hurrying. Need to get teeth brushed, pjs, Harry to bed, Maggie to bed and then Max.

Well that's all she wrote for today. Here is hoping that we can slow down and enjoy the finer things in life. with our kids.

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