Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mini vacation

That's what I called my short time at the oil change place. Except that my battery was running out, boo.

And then I come home to Max with an ice pack on his head. He didn't have it on his head when I left even though the incident happened at Krismon's office earlier in the day while he was there for take your kid to work day. Evidently, Max decided it was a good idea to walk or run backwards and got a goose egg on his head. Lovely, right?
And then Max somehow pulled the back off of one of Maggie's earrings. While Krismon was trying to put that on, Harry knocked his hand. Adding insult to injury...
Harry just felt like letting me know he had missed me rather loudly. What a house to walk in to.... Ah well

Still earlier today.. I kept thinking is there anything anything better than a baby's laugh. Harry was just giggling and I just enjoyed giving him kisses and kisses so I could hear that laugh. I am thinking I might have to change my ringtone to Harry's laughs.

Either that or Maggie's rendition of  the Star Spangled Banner. I love how she butchers the words with feeling.

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  1. Nothing like multiple injuries to wash away any tenants of calm from an oilchange vacation! Oh, and Maggie's singing? Lilly used to do the same thing to the same song! And I have great pictures of her belting it giggles and butchered songs really are great sources of joy! (I think we as Moms should use the term " oil change vacation" on a regular basis)