Wednesday, April 14, 2010

First Science Fair

Today was the kids' science fair. Their first but surely not the last. Maggie was charged with making, drawing, recreating the solar system somehow someway. Max was given the task of learning about Mars. He had lots of guidelines in which to follow that would ascertain his points out of 9.

Okay so for Maggie it said that it was supposed to be the kids doing it.... shh but I don't think that the kids did the work all on their own. I have a feeling a lot of parents helped them in their creativity. I am not slamming that, well not entirely but the project was supposed to be the kids and I kind of question that. Oh well. After I looked up pictures of the solar system and printed them out for Maggie to have as a visual as well as writing what the planets kind of looked like color wise, Max was going to just help as needed. Well, no help was needed. Maggie did it all and she did what she wanted. The only help I gave was to write out Maggie's solar system so she could copy it onto her poster.  I couldn't be prouder of her for doing her own work, her way using her creativity in the process. I want her to be independent in her learning.
Maggie's finished project. I wish you could read what she wrote.

Maggie with her award. You can see some of the other projects in the background.

Max was to do a postcard. On the front should be a picture of the planet and on the back, addressed and then written information about the planet. The kids did a great job and you could see their personalities in what they wrote and how they drew. Max didn't follow the directions but again I couldn't fault him on his creativity because I really did like what he did.
Who knows why he decided to do an almost wink. But like that he drew a rocket ship to land on Mercury.


  1. LOve the creativity! I am a fan of kids doing their own work, without grownup "intervention" (doing the whole damn thing!) Great job to the kids and to you!

  2. They look great! I love Max's rocket ship:)

  3. Max and Maggie are so creative ... I'm so glad you encourage them to be that way! And I love their art-work!