Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A serious issue

So I was going to do the interview today but that is what is troubling me well not like the interview will trouble me anyways but that will have to wait another day....

Today, Max was going back for the last scratch test with Krismon. I totally failed to get him to agree to do it. I thought maybe Krismon might be able to get him to do it. MIGHT, be the operative word. It didn't happen again. So now in a few minutes they will be going to a lab to draw blood to try and test it for the allergens. Um yeah glad I am not going but I am concerned for the long term.  He couldn't, wouldn't get the scratch test. A SCRATCH TEST. NOT A NEEDLE TEST OR PANEL OF SHOTS. I know enough with the caps already but we are kind of at a loss. He is going to have to get shots and blood draws through out his life and have other things happen that won't be fun or even pleasant in the least. We can't fight him each time. Heck the memory of his last shot at a well appt still lingers in my mind as it took 3 full size adults to wrestle him down. I don't ever ever ever ever ever want to do something like that again.

I don't know how to get it across to him that he can't continue this and that he needs to learn to 'suck it up.' I mean he really does. I kind of wish that I could take him to see how it is. He didn't see my mom lying in a hospital bed after her surgery last year so he doesn't realize how much more others go through.

Anyway any ideas would be helpful and I will let you know how the blood draw goes tomorrow.

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  1. I don't know. My oldest still cries before shots, not hysterically, but it just really upsets her. The other 2 could care less, so I think it may be personality related?
    If he is given the choice of being held down or sitting nicely on someones lap (with total restraint possibility not that he would know that part) maybe he'd choose to sit? Will actually got a shot one day before Lilly and that helped her a little...it's a really tough one, I'm not sure except the whole "we can do this the hard way or the easy way, but either way it's getting done, you choose". Just make sure he knows no matter how he acts ge can't leave before it's done. Good luck to you!