Sunday, April 18, 2010

Breakdown in communication

I am not sure what went wrong. I have a feeling that we haven't gotten enough sleep the past couple of days and then with the rise in temperature tempers flare a little more.

Maggie came down 3 times last night. The last time at 12:30. I don't remember the why but it was exhausting. Oh yeah, her stomach was bothering her most the of night. Then sometime after 5, Max came running into our room to announce that Maggie was on the pot. And then he ran to his own, not so successfully.....

What a way to start a day. Harry's sleep got disturbed, thankfully because I was going through pain in one side. But with the kids, I was pretty much done done done. AND I only had enough cream for one cup of coffee.....

Today was laundry day. It had to get done. Max had gotten to watch some pretty cool shows and as if anyone doesn't know, you fold laundry and watch at the same time, right? Well he threw a fit when I asked him to 'help' fold the clothes in the basket. I didn't tell him to do the whole basket just to help. He proceeded to tell me that he would only fold his clothes. The tv got turned off. And he was going to go full tilt with the woe is him attitude. I don't know how he didn't go full overboard beyond us not having the energy to be so angry. He eventually did help fold but it was a struggle.

He ended up reading for school until we left to go to a Birthday party. Thankfully that was a good time for all 3 kids and us adults. Though not sure Krismon had that great a time, his eyes were itchy. Once we got home, he just put drops in and wanted to keep his eyes closed for while.

The day ended well for the kids and it was nice that Krismon took the lead on talking to Max about his earlier behavior. It wasn't easy and Max wasn't happy about listening but I am thinking talking talking talking will help.

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